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Random from TORUS and W.A.R. commissions

Some of the commissions from 2010-2012

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Lobotomous Monk
find W.A.R and TORUS online...…

Documentary for W.A.R. Universe

I have returned to dA only to set up my page as an archive for the TORUS comic project and the W.A.R. Universe comic project. These projects are now being pitched to literary agents and publishers. All traditional and digital illustration on this profile is commissioned art. I am a comic book writer and indie publisher... I hire artists for concept work and sequentials. All character designs are my creation, of my devising and property.

I am currently looking for a competent letterer. Comments on the art is disabled because as I just mentioned, this profile is only in existence as an archival resource for a pitch to the comic book industry.

If you have a complaint about what I am doing, I will happily move it to my complaints department on twitter. If you like what I am doing, please stick around. My internet space is my simulacral home - inside is comfy chairs for friends... and the curb at the edge of my backyard is for those who don't want to have fun with me. I like pinup and 'good girl' art... which I realize can be ideologically at odds with the tastes of others. Sorry.

Also, I dabble a bit in PS... not very good, but I make images to go with some of the short film projects I produce. Probably will post some of that stuff too... later. You can find it on some of my pages at other sites and at my site, LowBrowsing.

Not here to flame... learned my lesson three years ago. Also went to a very neo-liberal university from 2011-2014 and sort of figured out where a lot of young people are coming from... if on that side of the political spectrum. I don't agree with the extreme left position but I can see that the real battle will be an inter-generational one and have nothing to do with people my age. So I leave you to your devices, please have the respect to leave me to mine.

Need Feedback!!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2015, 10:02 PM
I have reached a point now where I may have to put my writing on the back burner. It is clear that professionals in the comic book industry and the film industry have not been astounded by the work that I have shown them... or more likely they simply haven't bothered to look deeper at what I have been working on.

It was always a gamble as to whether people would take notice or not... but it now appears to be the case that I will have to make writing a side project while I try to make money other ways.

It sucks.

I think the main reason that it sucks is that I watch movies, television and read comics all the time and I find so many of them to be poorly crafted or just plain crap. Perhaps arrogance is getting the better of me but I just think that my work is better than a lot of the stuff that is out there.

But it is who you know!

and it is about hegemonic power structures also.

I am tired of DC and Marvel characters... I think a lot of us are. I believe that my W.A.R. Universe would be a great alternative... but DC and Marvel will OCP that shit and make sure no one gets in with an alternative no matter how potentially popular it would be (Robocop reference on the OCP)

that is 100% true...and 100% unfortunate, unfair and ass backwards... and why? well Sherman anti-trust laws got pushed aside in favour of Reaganism and Reagonomics.

Reaganomics is the economic system that we live in. It promotes trusts in their purest form - multinational conglomerates. The Reagan generation felt guilt about how their children viewed them as a war-mongering dinosaur... a previous era of humanity. They decided to appease their children's generation by ensuring that everyone in the West would have all the material luxuries available and affordable. Manufacturing was outsourced to the developing world. Well now the developing world is creating a network based on nepotism (which was inevitable) and handing off their accumulation of wealth and jobs to their own. A middle class is developing in China and India among other places. The jobs are staying in those places and not returning to the West where they are actually now needed. Conglomeration has allowed for irresponsible mass-production practices and spurious and conspicuous consumerism and consumption habits. This has led to rampant piracy because people require what they want immediately and at the lowest cost possible. Media and entertainment cannot make profit margins that they use to. So they refrain from investing in potential success. Instead, they turn to marketing and propaganda to promote products that they have developed for a long time... convincing audiences that hackneyed and stale entertainment is actually novel and unique.  And I could go on about this all year, but why bother... get back to the real point of this journal.

I cannot believe that being overlooked means that your work isn't good enough. I know from following thousands of illustrators and painters on this site that this simply isn't true.

Also, Jim Lee posted a rejection letter he got from DC comics when he was first starting out. So these big companies often have their priorities extremely skewed and their vision for the future of culture is often myopic.

Obviously, it is even more difficult now to get noticed with rampant media piracy. There is just no scouting anymore and screenplays do not get optioned the way they did fifteen years ago.

When Titanic came out... any script out there about boat accidents was optioned simply on the off-chance that riding the coattails of a blockbuster might pay off. And with video rentals still a viable business, those producers who gambled were probably right to do so.

anyway.. moving on.

I have uploaded a comic script...and I hope to upload more soon. I really need feedback... I can't guarantee that I will agree with criticism but I would appreciate any constructive criticism that is offered.

I guess what I am looking for is a way to alter my writing so that it comes off more as something appealing to the lowest common denominator.

I believe that media piracy has made it so that the only surefire profits come from pop culture where masses are gathered by features that have some kind of universal appeal.

i know that a lot of my followers here are intellectuals like me... not a great way to be for accessing the masses... but surely there are tips and techniques for making an intelligent piece of work more accessible. That is the kind of help i need right now and i hope that some of you will be willing to give me a hand.

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