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Random from TORUS and W.A.R. commissions

Some of the commissions from 2010-2012

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Why did you come to my page or why do you watch? 

6 deviants said W.A.R. Universe and character design, commissions
4 deviants said pinup, draw sum circles, Moon Beam and all that
No deviants said TORUS, Star Wars stuff
No deviants said potential to get hired for a commission


Typo Monq
find W.A.R and TORUS online...…

Documentary for W.A.R. Universe

I have returned to dA only to set up my page as an archive for the TORUS comic project and the W.A.R. Universe comic project. These projects are now being pitched to literary agents and publishers. All traditional and digital illustration on this profile is commissioned art. I am a comic book writer and indie publisher... I hire artists for concept work and sequentials. All character designs are my creation, of my devising and property.

I am currently looking for a competent letterer. Comments on the art is disabled because as I just mentioned, this profile is only in existence as an archival resource for a pitch to the comic book industry.

If you have a complaint about what I am doing, I will happily move it to my complaints department on twitter. If you like what I am doing, please stick around. My internet space is my simulacral home - inside is comfy chairs for friends... and the curb at the edge of my backyard is for those who don't want to have fun with me. I like pinup and 'good girl' art... which I realize can be ideologically at odds with the tastes of others. Sorry.

Also, I dabble a bit in PS... not very good, but I make images to go with some of the short film projects I produce. Probably will post some of that stuff too... later. You can find it on some of my pages at other sites and at my site, LowBrowsing.

Not here to flame... learned my lesson three years ago. Also went to a very neo-liberal university from 2011-2014 and sort of figured out where a lot of young people are coming from... if on that side of the political spectrum. I don't agree with the extreme left position but I can see that the real battle will be an inter-generational one and have nothing to do with people my age. So I leave you to your devices, please have the respect to leave me to mine.

Super Upload - exploitation and brainwash!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 19, 2014, 1:11 PM
It's is never a good idea to overwhelm an online community with a large number of works (whatever the form) to view and contemplate. The goal with online marketing campaigns is to overwhelm the community with one or two pieces of content. That being said, I really need to get all my comic book related work up online as soon as possible.

I would like to start a patreon account and a kickstarter campaign in order to get some community-based support for finishing some of my comics. I have no idea whether a project like this will get traction with the community or whether I have to sell out to other publishers and hand my property over to them to work the way they want.

I hope to get community support so the latter doesn't happen.

I love Marvel comics - especially X-men, but I am feeling that the stories and characters are stuck in a moment in the past and no matter how much Marvel and DC try to revamp and reload, it will never be fresh... it is just copies of copies of copies going back to the 1960s and prior.

I would love to get traction for my comic universe. It isn't a major threat to DC or Marvel even if it got massive support, because frankly it is geared for adolescent and adult audiences. The Hulk and Spiderman will always be for the kids and I think that is just fine. A lot of us haven't grown out of the fantasy of comic books and where video games have kept pace with the generations that grew up with them, I sometimes feel like comics don't.

Star Wars and Marvel in many ways disavow the needs of the 'original' fans and just seek to exploit their properties with new generations of kids. It is sound business but a bit of a brainwash.

I just want to put forward something new. It has been done before in the past (spawn comes to mind), but it has never been done on the scale that I have developed. I have a whole universe set up and I don't expect every name and costume and power to stay the same as what I have right now. I myself have made many changes to characters over the years.

Other talented people have good ideas on what communities want... but I think I have created something appealing and there is a big start into it. i think that there is enough there for people to get behind at this point... and i will be uploading sequentials from finished comics soon.

I think kickstarter and patreon are a great next step... and I hope that you guys will check out the links when it is ready... and please help support the project. If you have any suggestions for me... you can inbox me here

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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 10, 2014, 9:59 PM
So I went to Daniel Wong :iconoshouki: and asked whether he wanted to team-up on redbubble with the character commissions I got from him. He said yes!…

check it out...

I hope to get some of the other artists interested. if you have to know... we are doing a profit share. no sales yet, but I think the availability is maybe the most important part.

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Something I Noticed...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 10:52 PM
I just got back to the site after a long three year hiatus. Just finished a Masters degree and learned a lot about cinema but even more about certain kinds of young people. Wow, so determined! A little bit scary actually. But, I think I will leave the future of the planet in the hands of that generation and just focus on my own storytelling and projects. I am here again on dA... but only for pitching two comic book projects. Basically, this profile is to become an archival gallery for publishers and literary agents to peruse... technically, its primary function is not for the dA community, although I hope you enjoy the new art and the older pieces going back up and being available for viewing.

Getting back onto the site has been interesting and one of the first things I did was to check on the artists who entered my contest just before I left this site. Oh my god! You guys have improved like crazy. It makes me think that contests on this site are a great place to find bright, new talent.

No more contests for me though. In fact, no more commissions either - sorry to say. Now I have to make some money back on the investment. I will begin adding some of the sequentials from two comic books that I finished with :icong-david: and been working on with :icond33ablo: :iconinfamousdee:

These comics are connected to a kickstarter campaign. But enough for now. Hope you are all well and looking forward to getting to know you again.

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Contest WINNERS!!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 22, 2011, 3:01 PM
well the time is now and the :icondrawsumcircles: contest winners will be announced.

The prizes are awarded 100% based on the votes of the judges. (scroll down for vote breakdown)

1st PRIZE of $100 goes to :iconquelico:
1st PRIZE of $100 goes to :iconjasonlan:

Here are their entries

Tangled by quelicoCuckoo v2 by jasonlan

Runner up PRIZE of $50 goes to :icontiwali:
Runner up PRIZE of $50 goes to :iconstealthmaria:
Runner up PRIZE of $50 goes to :iconskribblix:

Here are their entries

Floride by tiwaliLAZY I by stealthmaria:thumb255345945:

I have also taken the last allotment of $50 and decided to award two particular pieces with $25 prizes each.

Massifesto Special Prize of $25 goes to :icong-david:
Massifesto Special Prize of $25 goes to :iconstrickart:

Here are their entries

Reign by G-DavidChainsaw Girl bg by strickart

(i will provide my rationale below)

Here are the judges


The way that the judges decided was by providing me either their top 3 or top 5 selections. My special feature judge :icondarkereve: provided 10 selections. The other consideration was that some judges provided their selections in order and others did not want their selections in any particular order.

I then devised two points scales that operated differently. The results turned out the same through using both scales.

Here is how I did it...

If a judge provided a top 3 in order... i awarded points 4, 3, 2 respectively

If a judge provided a top 3 in no order... i awarded points 3, 3, 3

If a judge provided a top 5 in order... i awarded points 4, 3, 3, 2, 2 respectively

if a judge provided a top 5 in no order... i awarded points 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

with darwin's top 10... i used the "top 5 in order" system

then that gave me some tables of results

one table was the points totals and it looked like this for the top 16 finalists

1) quelico            - 54 - 108
2) jun-k                - 52 - 104
3) stealthmaria    - 31 - 62
4) tiwali               - 29 - 58
5) skribblix            - 25 - 50
6) raku                 - 20 - 40
7) alto                  - 19 - 38
8) tony t               - 18 - 36
9) cosbinator       - 18 - 36
10) sorenka          - 16 - 32
11) elentori           - 16 - 32
12) arcanux          - 15 - 30
13) strayed            - 13 - 26
14) g-david           - 12 - 24
15) kkaduken        - 11 - 22
15) megaween     - 11 - 22

the first column is the total points and then second column is just a multiplier 2x to better illustrate the gap in the points between finalists

I then decided that perhaps the point system was not good enough.. to test this theory I decided to award one point for each time a judge selected a particular piece in their list regardless of order

here are the results

1) quelico           - 18
2) jun-k               - 15
3) stealthmaria   - 11
4) tiwali               - 9
5) skribblix           - 8
6) raku                 - 7
7) alto                 - 7
8) tony t              - 6
9) cosbinator      - 6
10) sorenka         - 6
11) elentori         - 6
12) arcanux        - 5
13) strayed         - 5
14) g-david        - 4
15) kkaduken     - 4
15) megaween   - 4

as you can see the order is identical. the points system was 100% accurate and there was a very strong positive correlation between the top methods of determining an order for the finalists.

this made me feel better because it is difficult for me. There were many many pieces that i had in my final list and i never would have been able to chop it down fairly. I am very appreciative and honored that the judges took time out of their busy lives to provide me with their selections. It was an honor to me, the artists and to the group and contest.

very awesome and much thanks to the judges

one final scale was to look at situations where judges put their selections in order. I assembled a list of the top "first place" vote getters

1) jun-k        - 5
2) quelico      - 4
3) tiwali       - 3

there were more entries that all got a single first place vote.

I was satisfied with the results. I feel bad that it was a close race and that means some people don't get awarded for their time and effort... i only hope that they enjoyed drawing my IP girls and that they will show the pieces with pride in their galleries and bloggers.

now... i also awarded two personal prizes based solely on my own selections.

I chose to award :icong-david: and :iconstrickart:

it wasn't political at all and it was very hard to narrow the field of pieces that I thought deserved special consideration.

In the end I chose these two artists and these are my reasons

G-David's Reign - I thought that the piece was beautiful with wonderful detail and a great pose. However, what really made me decide on this piece was the theme of Reign as the monster slayer. That was in my description of Reign's story - she craves adventure and her number one personal mission is very much to slay a dragon. I found that his piece captured Reign's personality and story very well.

Strickart's Chainsaw Girl - I thought that the piece was well executed and once again the artist took some initiative in researching my character and not just using the visual art reference alone when composing their entry. His rendition of Chainsaw Girl is thus very accurate to how I envision her. I also appreciated his courage in drawing her chains as it was an element than many others have shied away from as Chainy's design is unusual and comes with certain challenges. I thought this piece was a lot of fun and deserving of extra consideration.


I just want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. You are of course free to display the pieces on your websites and online pages. Please just give me the IP credit :D

As I said before... I am hoping to compensate the finalists through commissioning them sooner than other artists in the dA community. Not sure how long it would take to get to everyone.. but i will make my best effort to give something back in that regard... so charge with the full rate for your work when we link up! :lol:

thanks again.

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