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Lobotomous Monk
find W.A.R and TORUS online...…

Documentary for W.A.R. Universe

I have returned to dA only to set up my page as an archive for the TORUS comic project and the W.A.R. Universe comic project. These projects are now being pitched to literary agents and publishers. All traditional and digital illustration on this profile is commissioned art. I am a comic book writer and indie publisher... I hire artists for concept work and sequentials. All character designs are my creation, of my devising and property.

I am currently looking for a competent letterer. Comments on the art is disabled because as I just mentioned, this profile is only in existence as an archival resource for a pitch to the comic book industry.

If you have a complaint about what I am doing, I will happily move it to my complaints department on twitter. If you like what I am doing, please stick around. My internet space is my simulacral home - inside is comfy chairs for friends... and the curb at the edge of my backyard is for those who don't want to have fun with me. I like pinup and 'good girl' art... which I realize can be ideologically at odds with the tastes of others. Sorry.

Also, I dabble a bit in PS... not very good, but I make images to go with some of the short film projects I produce. Probably will post some of that stuff too... later. You can find it on some of my pages at other sites and at my site, LowBrowsing.

Not here to flame... learned my lesson three years ago. Also went to a very neo-liberal university from 2011-2014 and sort of figured out where a lot of young people are coming from... if on that side of the political spectrum. I don't agree with the extreme left position but I can see that the real battle will be an inter-generational one and have nothing to do with people my age. So I leave you to your devices, please have the respect to leave me to mine.
i'm not kidding about "manifesto" either guys...

I'm going to reiterate the philosophical principles of The Moon Beam pinup group and then a diatribe on communism, Trump, Jordan Peterson, "safe space" and "triggering", etc.

check out my new youtube channel if you want more political and philosophical rants... it's kinda heavy on the intellectual speak, but i'm going to be dumbing everything down soon and doing live video too.…

The Moon Beam group has three primary properties that define it: pedagogical, aesthetic, psychodynamic

Pedagogical: This group is an archive with a very specific theme - female pinup represented with compositions providing a posterior view vantage. In that respect, artists who are searching for reference material can come here and find what they need. Not everything is included in this group that is included on this site - no sexually immature representations, no women-in-peril themes, no vore, little-to-no grotesque, only the highest quaity 3D, no photography... and finally, I usually only request or accept art in this group that reflects rendering that exceeds my own illustrative abilities. That isn't snobbery - it is simply a standard by which members/watchers of the group can be assured of a certain quality. The new rules on deviantart have made it difficult to maintain those standards therefore I am inviting people to

Aesthetic: This is a question of taste which is not subject to judgment by others. Chocolate is not "good" or "bad", nor tomatoes... it is simply a matter of taste. Those who like chocolate or tomatoes are not good or bad for liking such things. Heteronormative culture has been under attack by androgynous culture in the last few decades. The impact of those attacks have reached critical mass (which we know from the Trump victory and from Brexit). I will not be bullied away from being what I am - I am hetero and I love the female form. That is my taste. I love the female form for its distinction from the male form and I am attracted to that in particular. Perhaps, it derives from a psychological desire to be anti-narcissistic - which we should all aspire to in our own ways. I presume many who watch this group feel a similar way - they love the unique qualities of the female physical form. But, you don't have to be hetero to like this group and you can have your own reasons for finding the content of this group aesthetically appealing. That is the wonderful thing about taste - it promotes individuality. Don't let radical socialism control your psychological happiness.

Psychodynamic: This group touches on a sexual fetish and as such has value as an archive. Fetish arises from the disavowal of trauma. It is important to articulate around trauma and it is important to have a surfeit of tools at one's disposal to do so. This group provides a comprehensive archive for the fetish of women's asses in illustrative and painterly form for anyone who seeks to explore and understand their fetish. Only through articulation can the trauma be understood and then mended. Fairness can only emerge from within when articulation is permitted in every way - even the "offensive". The real question in society is whether the "offensive" articulation causes a kind of harm that is urgent to remedy. For this group, the answer is no. Even if there was something offensive about articulations that arise from this group's existence or its forms of promotion, there is no urgency to remedy it and society can simply add the character of this group to the general discourse. George Orwell provides the guiding principle here and we must be vigilant against radical socialism which seeks to censor thought itself through prohibiting a range of verbal articulations and other kinds of articulations (such as visual art). Our right to free speech and free expression comes first before all else, because whatever culture's values are hegemonic or subaltern today will inevitably be radically altered a few decades later. Whatever one subcultural group deems is "right" or "wrong" today is not the same as a hundred years ago and will not be the same as a hundred years from now. If you think that your values will last a thousand years, then please recall the Third Reich's similar claims. The radical socialist values are far from eternal... and in most cases they are completely unnatural and inhuman - they are anti-science, anti-biology and anti-genetics. We follow those values to a feces-sodden grave. 

So, that is my statement for this group and I realize the fans of this group and likely my watchers really didn't need it at all - I apologize because I was not trying to scold any of you or correct any of you. The statement of principles is for the opponents of the Moon Beam group to consider (and I assure you that they exist because I have evidence of them). A direct message to them now: just realize that your judgment of other people's taste is the definition of fascism. And it certainly has no place here. So fuck off you schizophrenic collectivists. The more you rattle my cage, the more I provide the answers to society that will be your undoing and the more I will make an effort to can the intellectual speak and dumb it down until it is palatable for all. You are like the child that comes at the adult with a clenched fist and then the adult jovially and convivially makes you hit yourself with it - the goal is for the self-punches to be light, but radical socialists are angry, petulant children. Stop hitting yourself so hard. Brexit yesterday, Trump today... what tomorrow, I wonder.

People didn't actually want to vote Trump, but the Left bullied everyone so hard in their schizophrenic collectivist way, that people had no choice. Yet, the radical socialists still don't realize this. Trump won on the backs of women who had no interest in being bullied by feminists. Those women voted Trump not because they are brainwashed by the "patriarchy". They see feminism for what it is - another power hierarchy, just one that is subaltern and not hegemonic and one that is insatiably power-hungry. It is also one based in hermeneutics and affect... therefore it is irrational in how it articulates philosophical principles. Those brave women who voted Trump did so as a refusal to have feminism tell them what "grab her by the pussy" means, or what anything else means. And they were right to do so - they are right to create meaning personally and they have a right to pursue psychological happiness. Interpretation renders all things into floating signfiers at the semiotic level. There is no truth in interpretation and that is why collectivists must bully adherence to a single viewpoint - in order to bring about an artificial truth on a particular thing, whether it be an idea, concept, philosophy, object, etc. The rest of us are happy to interpret and allow others to do so. Does the offense of someone's personal articulation cause direct harm? This is not open to interpretation and that is exactly why "safe space" and "triggering" do not belong in the idiom our society's language. They are floating signifiers and cannot - and must not - constitute far-reaching policy enacted through the state institution.

The radical socialist claims that safe space is vitally important and that triggering must be adhered to at all times. Why? They will gladly tell you why - they have no control over their own thoughts when "triggered". It even goes as far as suicide in some cases (such as not using an exotic pronoun). Hmm... what does that sound like? Oh, right - it is the definitive characteristic of schizophrenic minds. So, should society allow people who desperately need psychological counseling (and perhaps psychiatric treatment) then call the shots on how culture informs public policy? No. Culture that is formed through schizophrenic thought produces irrational value systems and therefore society should never be guided by such things. However, society can be guided through steering clear of such things. This is what we should endeavor to do. If someone can't control their own thoughts to the point of it being dangerous to themselves or others, then the answer is simple - psychiatry. Psychiatry for a time at least... with the goal to help the individual(s) and provide them with an opportunity to exercise self-control consciously and to end the systemic cognitive dissonance that precludes psychological happiness. We need to develop our public policy whereby those who push for "safe space" and who demand recognition of "triggers" will immediately be referred to a psychiatric institution for assessment. There are objective values for what makes an environment social or anti-social - you don't direct racial slurs, you don't direct sexual threats, and so on. There is direct and oblique offenses and once we have let one group interpret the oblique as direct we have shredded the Social Contract, become communist through reforming the Social Contract to include an underlying Marxist ethos, and we have accepted Orwellian dystopia. It is Orwell vs. Marx and Orwell must win or the human race is lost. Radical socialists are mediocre minds, extremely apathetic intellectually and fundamentally uncreative (not too mention the cognitive dissonance and therefore exposure to debilitating mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar). The human race only survives on the hard work of the opposite personality types. Radical socialism seeks to crush our best people as a means of lowering the bar so that their proponents can feel exceptional in society. This cannot be allowed. 
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